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About the Company

About the Company


The Bird Farm (Linnu talu) produces eggs with a dark yellow yolk. Egg yolk is the stuff that gives your steak or pastry an attractive appeal. The dark yellow yolk is a characteristic feature of our eggs and also our most prominent advantage in the market. Be the eggshell brown or white, the yolk is always the same dark yellow. The color of the eggshell depends on the plumage of the laying chicken: brown chickens lay brown eggs and white chickens lay white eggs. When shopping our yellow boxes that are noticeable from afar indicate eggs from our chickens. In addition to the relevant farm code, all of our eggs carry the Bird Farm name so that you could be sure of their quality. Quite a few customers have called us and inquired why our boxes read YELLOW FARM EGGS when the boxes also contain eggs with a white shell. To clarify the matter it must be noted that “yellow” refers to the egg yolk and not the shell. This year, the boxes come with an additional indication printed on their cover “with an especially yellow yolk” to direct special attention on the fact that our eggs have a considerably darker yolk than average.Linnu talu toodab tumekollase rebuga mune.

BackgroundSo what is it that makes the yolk of our eggs this yellow? We feed our chickens with natural carotenoids drawn from marigolds. Chickens scrabbling about in a yard of a private home lay eggs with a yellow yolk as a result of consuming grass. In a larger manufactory such as ours we have to mix the required ingredient into the concentrated feed to make sure the yolks are yellow. What kind of an egg would it be if the egg yolk and egg white were of the same color? An additional feature worth mentioning is the fact that the concentrated feed for our chickens is based without exception on domestic grain which makes up approximately 80% of the content of the feed.

We are the only producer in Estonia of a particular new product – natural selenium enriched eggs that strengthen the human immune system and keep you healthier. Among other things, selenium increases fertility and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. These eggs are sold in unique blue boxes and are displayed most conspicuously in Prisma stores.


After about 20 years of operation, our chicken flock is now twice the size of what it was in the very beginning. We have remained true to egg laying chickens only as this is the domain that we know best. To complement our eggs sales we also sell live chickens, that especially in the spring on the brink of summer. Soup chickens constitute the third sales article for the Bird Farm which we can provide occasionally when we replace our chicken lot. Soup chickens from our farm provide for an excellent stock or soup when stewed at low temperatures.


BackgroundThe years have taught us that we must trust and harbor our customers and always keep to promises made. The product quality of the company must remain exemplary even when times are tough and the bar must be kept high. Trust in us that has emerged over time represents a value that forms the foundation upon which the Bird Farm stands and thrives. Without that foundation we should call it quits, yet that is something we do not want to do. A person must get their hands dirty to survive! We have been on a strong track during the past 10 years and secured our position in the market as increasingly stronger and more stable. Our farm eggs can be purchased from nearly all larger retail chains – for this we owe thank to our long-standing partner Kaupmees&Ko AS who has lent a helping hand in a our difficult work and carried us forward. A heartfelt thank you to them! We sell 95% of our production domestically. The remaining small part travels to the European Union. Located in a small Tagula village in Valgamaa, all our capable workers are local folks who start at the chicken coop before dawn to pick eggs lain in the early hours of the morning. A large part of the work is done manually and someone must be present at all times, including weekends and holidays. Chickens require care and supervision around the clock. Chickens need food and drink every day, eggs must be picked and sorted. We continue to work with the aim of providing you with memorable culinary experience. Thank you for letting us grant your wishes!